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About Us

TCS is a solutions provider specializing in applications that service a broad range of customers in retail, restaurants, wholesale, and distribution. Originally the company focused strictly on point of sale software and hardware for college bookstores which interfaced to other back-office systems. Then with the addition of more software we expanded to general bookstores in 1992 and then to full-scale automation of college stores in 1996.

We pride ourselves with the ability to automate a 100-register store just as easily as a 1-register store - utilizing the same software and database. In 1998 the software was expanded to function with multi-store and chain store operations as well.

In 2001 we took our versatile credit card processing gateway software and introduced it to the general market. This created a new product, TotaLink, which has been installed in many locations and industries. TotaLink is also marketed by several Value Added Resellers (VARs) who profit from the use of TotaLink.

Our robust solutions are in nearly every state and territory of the country.

Fred L. Tuttle who established the company in 1990 continues to serve as president and chief technical officer. Our team of professionals is dedicated to excellence and friendly service. Customers often comment that we respond to their request for changes and enhancements more quickly than they've ever experienced and at a much lower cost.

Our products are focused on increasing productivity and profitability. We understand the needs of our customers and have dedicated ourselves to creating systems that change with the times and that are easily customized for our users. Products from TCS will save you time and money. Whether you have a need to support one register or hundreds our scalable solutions are robust and affordable.

Credit card processing, campus or corporate integration and web-based applications are tools that you can use to reduce the cost of doing business and to increase your sales volume. If you need a solution with an excellent track record, functions with institutional, private, and chain stores, that is scalable and that is easily customized to meet your needs give us a call today.

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TotaLink Merchant Services
  TotaLink Merchant Services - Prices that won't be beat!
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Campus Webstore
  Integrated Real-Time e-Commerce

  Integrated Real-Time Financial Aid and Sponsored Billing

In the College Store Industry we were the 1st to provide:
  • Wireless Inventory, Price Lookup and Master File Maintenance
  • Integrated Real-time e-Commerce
  • PCI Validated Software