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Accounts-Receivable Information


Accounts Receivable

SmartAR gives you control over your customer accounts. This tightly integrated solution helps you address the receivables issues you face every day in a timely manner. Regardless of the size of your organization and no matter how many locations you may have you will find information immediately at your finger tips.

Accounts Receivable
Here is a partial list of what you can do with SmartAR:
  • General Retail
  • College Stores
  • Quick-Stops
  • Cafeterias
  • C-Stores
  • Online Web Stores
  • Multi-store
  • Chain Store
  • Multiple Payment Options
    • Balance Forward
    • Open-Item
    • Debit/Declining Balance
  • Unlimited User-Controlled Account Types
  • Departmental Charges
  • Off-Campus Charges
  • Scholarship Student Charges
  • Students Funded by Government Agencies
  • Students Funded by Private Organizations
  • Faculty, Staff and Student Charges


  • Customer Information Displayed During Sales Transaction
  • Restrict Sales Based on Customer Payment Status
  • Customizable Receipts, Invoices, Statements and Forms
  • Receive Payment at the Register
  • Immediate On-line Update of Customer Transactions
  • Selectable Account Authorization by Individual
  • Track Open Item or Balance Forward by Account Type
  • Assign Account Starting and Ending Dates
  • Define Maximum Charges Allowed
  • Define Maximum Balance Allowed
  • Support Back-office Invoice and Payment Entry
  • Compute Finance Charges
  • Immediate Posting of Payments and Purchases
  • Track Inter-Departmental Charges
  • Track Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Define Authorized Items for Purchase
  • SKU Tracking for Duplicate Purchases
  • Customized and Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Dunning Letter Management