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Retail-Stock-Ledger Information


Retail Stock Ledger

Getting to know your inventory performance can sometimes be tricky. Managers are often left wondering how to properly respond to changes in customer purchasing trends.

With SmartSL you can effectively track and analyze inventory at the store, department, and class level.

  • Complete Integration with SmartSuite
  • Inventory Snapshot Showing MTD and YTD Values at Cost and Retail
  • Automatic Shrinkage Adjustment
  • Management Reports
  • Query Builder to Create Your Own Reports
  • Critical Ratios and Performance Indicators
    • Store %
    • Cumulative Markon
    • Current Markup
    • Gross Profit Dollars & Percentage
    • Gross Profit Performance Dollars & Percentage
    • Inventory Turn
    • Sell-Thru Units
    • Markdown %
    • Shrinkage %
    • Stock to Sales Ratio