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SmartLane-Cash-Registers Information


Networked POS Redundancy

The SmartLane Register is much more than the hardware; it is more of a philosophy of how POS redundancy should really function. It is flexible and intelligent - at least as far as software is concerned. Only a SmartLane from Total Computing Solutions provides you with all of the following powerful features.



  • It runs over a local or remote network including hardwired, wireless, cellular, or any other method you can come up with.
  • It is always receiving real-time data that is POS related – including up-to-date A/R information because SmartSuite is tuned to place POS data in the appropriate SmartLane queue whenever a change that affects POS is detected.
  • It posts sales in real-time – as it happens.
  • All components continue to function even when the host computer is off-line.
  • Communications data is queued to be transferred immediately when the host is available.
  • It automatically connects with the host after the host has gone off-line and then returns to an on-line state.
  • It is responsible for moving data between the register and the host thus alleviating host overhead.
  • It functions as a workstation as well as a register.There are not controllers or master registers – each register is its own master.
  • It can be purposely taken off-line to a remote event, process sales, and then be returned to the network where data is immediately transferred with the host.