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Getting valuable financial information from point A to point B can be a risky venture. Accuracy and timeliness are always a vital issue. Fortunately for you, POS-Connect ties all your point-of-sale systems directly in with your business office-in real-time. No more vouchers. No more duplicate data entry. No more wondering if the funds are really available. You can be secure in the knowledge that the information you see is always current.

Financial Aid Benefits

  • Complete Control of Student Accounts
  • Multiple Awards
  • Maximum Value by Award
  • Maximum Value by Category
  • Automatic Posting to Awards & A/R
  • Substantially Reduces Labor Cost
  • Significant Reduction in Human Errors
  • Paperless Audit Trail
  • Real-Time Updates as they Happen

Bookstore Benefits

  • No Customer Setup
  • Considerably Reduces Labor Cost
  • Multiple Account Lookup & Selection
  • Account Validation
  • Supports e-Commerce & Wi-Fi
  • Real-Time Data Exchange
  • Local & Remote Connectivity
  • Immediate Update to Awards & A/R
  • Daily Audit Report

Student Benefits

  • Increased Service & Loyalty
  • Information Always Current
  • No Waiting for Paperwork
  • Fast Checkout
  • Split Tender
  • Pay Directly Out of Awards & A/R
  • Refund Directly into Awards & A/R

Technical Benefits

  • On-Line Processing
  • Secure HTTPS Interface
  • Event Driven / Transaction Based
  • Record-Lock Management
  • Mainstream Technologies
  • Easy Remote Installation and Training
  • Local and Remote Connectivity
  • Maximum Reliability
  • Easily Maintained
  • Easy to Support
Do you have a weak link between your Bookstore and Financial Aid office? Eliminate weak links with POS-Connect!