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Point Of Sale Information



Is your point-of-sale system making your life more complicated than it needs to be? Do you maintain separate databases to keep track of daily transactions? Do you upload sales numbers into separate accounting systems to run reports, update inventory and analyze retail business data? Are you frustrated because your POS system doesn't interface directly to your web store? Do you spend more time jumping from system to system than doing what you really like...building your business and interacting with customers? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you need an integrated system to help run your operation cost effectively and more efficiently. But who do you turn to?

Enter SmartPOS, the most comprehensive retail management system on the market today! With SmartPOS you get all the features you need to manage your retail business smoothly, the way you should. Take a look at our features and benefits below to see why SmartPOS is the point-of-sale system of choice for so many retail customers.

SmartPOS Features

  • Discount Matrix
  • Streamlined Sales Entry
  • Keyword Look-Up
  • Suspend/Resume Transactions
  • Preferred Customer Tracking
  • Customer Loyalty
  • e-Commerce Order Fulfillment
  • Non-Merchandise Sales
  • Gift Card Tracking
  • Internet Based Credit Card Processing
  • Buy-Back Entry
  • Seamless Interface to Suppliers
  • Unlimited Transaction Types
  • Unlimited Tender Types
  • Unlimited Tax Tables
  • Unlimited Receipt Headers and Trailers
  • Unlimited Item and Transaction Modifiers
  • Smart Modifiers


  • Cost Effective and Efficient
  • Easy to Learn and Train
  • Comprehensive Solution
  • Completely Integrated
  • Scalable to Meet Business Needs
  • Completely Customizable
  • Flexible Hardware Requirements
  • Minimal Training Requirements
  • Windows and Linux Compatible
  • Short Return on Investment
  • Leasable Solution
  • 24/7/365 Responsive Technical Support



SmartPOS is flexible enough to support installations of several hundred registers, or can be configured for a single register system that is completely integrated. Each Register is encased in our trademark enclosure to give your store that professional retail appearance. Our system is designed to be expandable and scalable. Whether you have a single register store you're planning to expand, or a chain of stores that require a central database, SmartPOS is the solution for you!


We understand what it takes to be successful in the retail environment. We also understand that businesses are not identical and therefore can't be expected to use the same shrink-wrapped one-size-fits-all solution for Point-of-Sale management. That's why we created SmartPOS! Give us a call and set up a demonstration and we'll show you exactly what we mean.


  • College Bookstores
  • College Dining Facilities
  • C-Stores
  • Multi-Store
  • Chain Stores
  • Online Web Stores